what is event blogging and how to make event blog

How to make event blog on christmas

if you are searching for what is event blogging and how to make event blog then the information mentioned below is very much  helpful for you .

what is event blogging

event blogging and festival blogging

 Event blogging is a blog in which you have to create event blog on coming festivals and events. 

A blog which is created for  target a single day or week or month for receiving the big amount of organic traffic is called event  blog. It is a type of blog in which you will get very high traffic but for limited time or can say that only festival time but in this limited time you will get a lot . The only thing you need is that to rank your blog for particular keyword and then enjoy.

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for example, if you want to make event blog on christmas then you have to create it before a month from christmas date and write 15-20 post on that.

now research a keyword for your blog and start doing seo for your keyword /blog/website/ and this is very easy to  rank event blog on your particular keyword. 

Now start doing sharing your post/ script/wishes on social media platform and definitely you will be able to rank it.

If I talk  about how much you can make then the answer is unlimited but only for three to four days .

advantage of event blog

easy earning

fast earning

easy to rank

easy to viral

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