How to Make Your Qualifying Sales as an Amazon Associate In Given Time Period

If you are going to join amazon affiliate program or you are a beginner then this article definitely helps you to reach your qualifying sales  because below matter is discussed about how I Make  Qualifying Sales as an Amazon Associate In Given Time Period and If I can then you anyone can.

How to Make Your Qualifying Sales as an Amazon Associate In Given Time Period

If you are new to the Amazon Associate program then it looks like difficult to reach the qualifying sales in 6 months because as per Amazon Associate program you have to give atleast 3 qualified in 6 months but being an beginners it is not easy to understand how all this process works .

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Tips To make qualifying sales fast

Firstly, you need right platform to promote affiliate link. It is very important to have atleast your own blog/ website with premium domain and hosting.

Secondly, choose the product according to your niche topic. For example, if your blog is related to beauty then promote the product related to beauty because the audience that visit in your blog maybe  looking for beauty tips and product.

Thirdly, create your account in facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn ( all social media account).

Fourthly, join the group, community related to your blog in your social media accounts and don’t forget to tag the people who is the follower of that group.

Sixthly, you can promote your product through Facebook campaign, twitter advertising or any other social media campaign.

Now very important thing is that find your targeted audience who is looking for the product that your are going to promote.

If you are well versed with social media accounts and if you know how to find the your audience ,then I am sure you are definitely going to achieve your success and able to give three qualifying sales in 180 days.

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Flipkart Big Billion Day 2018 Expected Dates Don’t Miss To Avail Best Deal

Flipkart Big Billion Day 2018 Expected Dates

Flipkart Big Billion Day 2018 will be expected between 10-15 October 2018.

Flipkart Big Billion Days sale this year  will bring you best deals on mobiles, electronics, laptops, fashion and all other categories available across Flipkart.

In comparison to offering deals on smartphones, Flipkart is way better than its competitors &it Offers best deals during its big billion day sale.

Flipkart Big Billion Day offers is expected to be bigger this year. Flipkart Big Billion Sale 2018 official dates are yet to be announced.

Tornado warnings issued for Monroe and Wayne counties

Tornado warnings issued for Monroe and Wayne counties
Tornado warnings have expired for Monroe and Wayne counties but dangerous weather continues to roll through the area.

Why we celebrate juneteenth


Juneteenth, which is also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is a combination of “June” and “nineteenth,” in honor of the day that Granger announced the abolition of slavery in Texas.

A holiday celebrated on June 19 that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. Across the country, the day is marked with events and parades.

A Juneteenth celebration in Austin, Texas, in 1900. On June 19, 1865, nearly two hundred thousand enslaved people were emancipated in the state.

By the time word of freedom had drifted west to Texas, it was old news elsewhere. On June 19, 1865, the nearly two hundred thousand men, women, and children enslaved in Texas learned of their emancipation, two and a half years after Lincoln had issued the proclamation terminating slavery in states rebelling against the union.

The institution of slavery was essentially an open-air prison, and proved remarkably successful, at least in this instance, at the kind of information control that exploitation relies on.

Juneteenth, the annual celebration marking the day that this postponed freedom arrived in Texas, occupies a strange niche in American culture, isolated as a black tradition, as if the currents of slavery and its death did not shape the direction of the nation in its entirety.

On this Juneteenth, we have received the ambivalent blessing of clarity. We recognize the historic demise of an institution that justified the separating of parent from child in Texas only to see that phenomenon occur in a different time, under different circumstances, but with a similar trauma inflicted on children.

The central value of history is to serve as inoculation against the stupidity, ignorance, and cruelties of the past. Yet the rearguard implications of Trumpism have been apparent since the day in June, 2015, when he rode down the escalator in Trump Tower and announced his Presidential campaign.

It should not be forgotten that most of the children who are now being detained at the border are either from Mexico or sought to enter the United States through that country. They “are not sending their best people,” Trump said in that announcement, as he accused Mexicans of being criminals and rapists.

 He has repeated that charge in recent months and, on Monday, in defense of his Administration’s actions, tweeted that “children are being used by some of the worst criminals on earth as a means to enter our country.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions has accused families who arrive at the border of “smuggling” children into the country, making no distinction between a child’s parents and human traffickers. 

Microsoft acquires education start-up Flipgrid in latest challenge to Google

Microsoft acquires education start-up Flipgrid in latest challenge to Google

Microsoft will make it free for schools to use Flipgrid, an app where students make videos to discuss topics that teachers come up with.

Terms of the deal, announced Monday, weren’t disclosed.
The move shows Microsoft remains eager to win share in education, where Google’s Chromebooks have become popular.
Microsoft is making Flipgrid free of charge. Schools that already have subscriptions will receive prorated refunds, Microsoft said.
The acquisition comes one and a half years after Microsoft announced a partnership with Flipgrid. Today, Flipgrid integrates with many Microsoft products, including Teams for chatting with other people and OneNote for taking notes. But Flipgrid has paid to use AmazonWeb Services cloud, which competes with Microsoft’s own Azure.
In the U.S., nearly 60 percent of all mobile personal computing devices that were shipped to K-12 schools in the fourth quarter were Chromebooks, while less than 26 percent used Windows, according to Futuresource.
Microsoft sought to strengthen its education strategy with the release last year of a Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S, which is limited to running apps downloaded through Microsoft’s app store to deliver sufficient performance and security.
The Surface Laptop starts at $800, but several Chromebooks, including Google’s own Pixelbook, cost less.
Hardware is just part of Microsoft’s challenge at schools, though.
Google introduced Google Classroom in 2014 as a place for teachers to give out assignments and for students to hand them in, using the company’s productivity apps like Google Docs. In 2016, Microsoft unveiled a similar tool called Microsoft Classroom as part of its Office 365 productivity software package for education. It has since retired that product and addedassignmentfeatures to Teams.