The best comparison between wordpress vs tumblr vs blogger

The best comparison between wordpress vs tumblr vs blogger

If you are searching for best blogging platform and which is the best between WordPress Tumblr and blogger then this article definitely helps you because this article is about what is the best comparison between WordPress Vs tumblr Vs blogger.

There are many differences between the leading blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. types of bloggers will view these solutions in different ways, with very different reasons.


WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely.

The basic WordPress software is simple and predictable so you can easily get started. It also offers powerful features for growth and success.

WordPress was launched in 2003 as a blog-publishing tool. Since then it has developed into a fully-functional content management system with a vast number of features for creating websites. Today it is the most popular blogging service in the world.

Advantages of using WordPress

WordPress is free and open-source, which means it can be fully customized.

It has a huge community of users and contributors. Currently it powers more than 60 million websites.

The platform has an intuitive interface while offering a rich set of CMS features.

The appearance of a WordPress website or blog can be changed with the help of numerous templates, both free and paid, which are available at the official WordPress directory. Besides, it is possible to change the PHP, CSS and HTML code of a template to make advanced modifications.

The functionality of a WordPress website can be extended by means of various plugins. Plugins can help you make modifications to any CMS feature or add new useful features, changing your website/blog according to your needs.

The official WordPress website currently offers more than 25,000 plugins.

WordPress provides the possibility to run multiple blogs via single dashboard. There are also applications for mobile devices.

Additional languages are available with plugins. Currently WordPress is translated into over 70 languages.

More Advantages of using WordPress


One in sixty websites run on WordPress with a majority of those sites running on It comes as no surprise that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world.

Some of the biggest blogging sites residing on the platform include TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal Blog, and People Magazine.

For this reason, alone, WordPress remains an appealing platform for most bloggers.

Cost effective 

You can actually choose to run a WordPress website completely free of charge, though you’d have to pay for server and domain costs.

Put together, these two could cost you less than $10 a year which still makes WordPress one of the most cost-effective blogging platforms out there.

It is open source

The open source nature of WordPress brings many advantages to bloggers. For instance, you’ll never run short of plug-ins and themes. If something isn’t working, there will be thousands of designers just waiting to design a plug-in to fix the problem.

The same applies to themes. At the moment, the platform has hundreds of thousands of themes to choose from.

WordPress is now 10+ years old

(best comparison between WordPress Vs tumblr Vs blogger).Started in 2005, WordPress is now 12 years old. It has gone through the rough patches and weathered all kinds of storms.


Founded in 2007, Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social community owned by Yahoo.

It allows users to post multimedia and other content in short-form blogs. In other words, You can’t share those 2,000-word blog posts on Tumblr.

Instead, users share one line quotes, photos, extremely short videos, and links. Once shared, other users are free to view and even re-share.

You might be surprised to hear that Tumblr is currently in the Top 10 most visited social sites in the world. In the US where the company is headquartered, the blogging site is in the top ten most popular sites and receives over 20 billion page-views every month.

Advantages of using Tumblr

Posting is easy

On Tumblr, all you have to do is select the type of content you want to share, whether it’s a photo, a video, or a link, upload the content, then hit publish. This makes it the easiest to use among the four platforms.

The control panel makes blog management a breeze

The microblogging platform has a detailed yet simple control panel that you can use to set up your blog to your discretion.

Whether you want to change privacy settings so that only a select group of friends can see a certain post or want to change themes, you only need to look as far as the control panel. Here is a snapshot of the control panel showing the different functions.

The platform is extremely mobile friendly and even has mobile apps

This is another reason that has made the platform so popular. The website displays excellently on mobile.


Blogger enjoys the fame of being one of the most popular blogging platforms especially for the newbie in the blogging industry.

Advantages of using blogger

Blogger Is Free With Better Web Exposure

One of the enticing features of Blogger is that it is free and popular. You will always get good exposure in the internet because Google supports Blogger sites.

Easy Interface For The Newbie

Blogger comes with an easy but intuitive interface to use. It takes a few simple steps to create a blog account and one need not go through the tedious process of installing software to start blogging. If you are new in blogging, it is best to start building your experience in managing a blog site from this site because it is optimized to help non-technical savvy bloggers manage their own blog site without any special technical skills required.

Monetize Your Blog Site With Google Ads

One gains a good exposure of their blog content besides being able to enjoy a profit from monetizing the site with Google ads.

Google ads are one of the most profitable website ads out there and you can maximize your profits by creating good contents on your blog site with better exposure and traffic for monetization.