Amazon affiliate marketing secret revealed for beginners

Amazon affiliate marketing secret revealed for beginners

Are you beginner and searching for great affiliate marketing tips that is hundred percent working then this article definitely helps to achieve your goals in affiliate marketing because below all affiliate marketing secret revealed for beginners.

Before coming to the main point I want to share that what mistakes beginners do while doing affiliate marketing.

When I was beginner in this program what I do is that I just copy the link of any product from my affiliate account and share directly to my website, blog, social media platforms without making any strategy and this is only and biggest mistake of my as a beginner or any other beginner.

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Below is tips and secret mentioned for beginners

Choose the right product that you want to promote.suppose if your blog or website is related to health and fitness then choose the product related to your blog because the audience that visit your blog maybe having some problems related to health  and there is a possibility that person who is having problem related to health is purchase the product through your affliate link. This is the basic method.

Now suppose you want to promote weight loose machine, for that you need to find the audience who is having the weight problem and looking for product like this.

Firstly, you have  to share the link of weight loose machine in your blog.

Secondly, you have to share link in  your Facebook account. But in three  different ways are as follows-

Share directly in your post.

Join group related to weight loss and share affiliate link in that group.

Run Facebook campaign.

Follow the same process for Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest .

In case of twitter, you can find the big audience , group, community related to your product join that group, tag the person who is follower of that group because these are the right and targeted audience for your product.

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