Peter Rabbit 2 Dated For 2020

Image result for Peter Rabbit 2 Dated For 2020, Paddington 3 Remains UnannouncedPeter Rabbit 2 Dated For 2020, Paddington 3 Remains Unannounced

Peter Rabbit 2 opens Feb. 7, 2020, in North America and March 27,2020 in the U.K. Maybe we can hope for a Paddington cameo to set up the adorable CGI animals cinematic universe that we all crave.

Sony announced on Friday night that they would indeed be producing a sequel to their breakout hit Peter Rabbit. Helmed by Will Gluck and starring Rose Bryne and Domhnall Gleeson and the vocals of James Corden, Daisy Ridley, Elizabeth Debicki and Margot Robbie, Sony Animation’s Peter Rabbit was the closest thing we’ve had this year to a hit animated flick, with the important caveat that it’s half-live action.

The charming and mostly pleasant kid-friendly remake of Wes Anderson’s Rushmore earned a huge 4.58x multiplier from its $25m Fri-Sun debut in early February.That’s a conversation for another day, but I would argue that the media’s focus on this kind of thing only hurts smaller movies, especially smaller movies from “not a white guy” filmmakers that tend to face an uphill battle anyway.

Families who wanted to see Peter Rabbit did so despite the controversy. And all of the handwringing about Age of Ultron three years ago didn’t stop the movie from earning $459 million domestic and $1.4 billion worldwide. But the focus on controversies, often from folks who haven’t seen the films in question, do real damage to smaller, less conventional fare like Tully.

Peter Rabbit welcome to the Jungle show a studio that can offer live-action, kid-targeted multiplex fare that falls between the Pixar/Illumination animated flicks and the mega-budget, four-quadrant fantasy blockbusters.