OYO Acquires AblePlus to Strengthen Technology Portfolio

OYO Acquires AblePlus to Strengthen Technology Portfolio

OYO has acquired Mumbai-based Internet of Things (IoT) technology company, AblePlus to enhance and strengthen its technology portfolio. With this partnership, OYO aims to create a sustainable ecosystem powered by technology and artificial intelligence for managing hotels and assets.

With the introduction of IoT into the basic precincts of hotel management, OYO aims to enhance customer and partner experiences by roping in the best of technology capabilities that are changing how India sees hospitality today.

The company claims that with the implementation of IoT-enabled operations, customers will be able to experience highlights such as self-check-ins supported by the Digital Arrival and Departure Register, Self KYC with Aadhar and IoT server managed smart locks. With this, it plans to achieve improved operational efficiency, thus creating a superior stakeholder experience.

AblePlus was founded in 2016 by Akash Goel and Bonish Gandhi. It develops IoT systems for the hospitality industry.

The startup has created and deployed a slew of solutions such as internet-managed smart access control for properties, remote monitoring and control of utilities and asset fencing to detect theft of items in real time.

OYO said the implementation of IoT-enabled operations will help customers to check-in by themselves.

The company also plans to introduce voice-based assistance in hotel rooms, automation for controlling appliances and lights and implementing a guest entertainment programme.