How affiliate marketing changed life of my friend

About– In this article I going to share story of my friend that that how he changed his life with the help of affliate marketing.

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How affiliate marketing changed life of my friend

My friend , after completing his graduation he is not got the job . After year passing he make his mind that now I am going to start online earning and at the same time he  joined affiliate marketing program in 2017 and now he was earning more than Rs 80 thousand very easily per month.

step by step full guide affiliate marketing and how affiliate marketing works

The concept of affiliate marketing a is very  easy . Companies like Amazon ,clickbank, Flipkart have offers affiliate programmes for bloggers and and anyone who is having his social media account.


So what you have to do is , first of all you need to visit their website.

Suppose if you want to join affiliate marketing program of for this visit and in the bottom of this website you can see that there are many options available for earning like join as affiliate, become seller and many more.

You need to click on join as an affiliate for joining affiliate marketing program and create your affliate account on Amazon.

Now you have to fill some information for joining this program like if you want to promote the product then you have to mention the link of that platform where you are going to share these link.

For example, if I  want to promote product on my website, so I have to mention the link of my website because it is required for tracking id .

After filling all the information, select the product which you want to promote and copy the link of that product from your affiliate account and promote this link through your website, social media accounts and if anyone purchased that product or any other product from your link ,then you will get commission on that product.

So join affiliate marketing program and earn more than the  9 hours job.