Don’t drink the water if you live in parts of Northeast and Northwest Washington

Don’t drink the water if you live in parts of Northeast and Northwest Washington

Do not drink the water when in parts of NE and NW D.C. because of a problem, officials said. 

D. C. Residents living in parts of the northwest and northeast should not drink the water until further notice, officials said after a problem occurred in a pumping station.

The warning came from D.C. Water on Friday, as officials at the agency said residents should “cook their water and drink until further notice” if they live in certain areas.

The Warning applies to thoseliving in theareabounded by:
  •  North through Western Avenue to Massachusetts Avenue to Nebraska Avenue to Military Road to Missouri to New Hampshire Avenue.
  • to the east from Eastern Avenue.
  •  South from New York Avenue to K Street to Whitehurst Freeway.
  •  In the west through the Canal Road to the Clara Barton Parkway.
    DC residents in parts of northwest and northeastern Washington are advised to cook their water at a pumping station until further notice before drinking.

Residents are advised to boil their water when they have little water pressure or after 20:30 no water left. on the 12th of July. Those who have no water service are advised to cook the water when service is restored, authorities said.

If customers do not have low water pressure and do not live in the affected areas, they do not have to cook their water, officials said.

Officials said the advice to boil the water is reversed when determining “the water is safe.” It was not immediately clear if that would, but DC Water said in a statement that customers would be “notified immediately if the notice is lifted.”

The problem occurred at 20:30. Thursday, when an open valve at pumping station Bryant Street caused a pressure drop in parts of the distribution system for about an hour, DC Water said in a statement.

This pressure loss has “made it possible for impurities to get into the water.” As a precaution, officials said the residents should boil their water.