Champs vs Stars Episode 4

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Champs vs Stars Episode 4 Recap: A broken team and a broken ankle

This daily challenge was great in theory, but dumb in execution. A player will kick a ball forward (10 yard minimum). They will run and pick up the ball, then try to run through an entire field of players (everyone else in the game) holding balls. Some players are blockers, others are defenders, either way, they are clogging space, therefore, it is incredibly difficult to score.

Champs vs Stars Episode 4


Wes had the best first round and came within 5ft of the goal. He and CT were obviously the two toughest players as they made it the farthest while taking a lot of hits.

Brooke Hogan chooses not to participate after seeing Ashley almost get injured. This angers Ashley, who keeps getting hit by Casper. She notes that he has “a bigger ego than her tits”.

CT’s round resulted in Aneesa breaking her ankle while attempting to knock him down. At least he didn’t make it too far.

Devin tried to pull one over on them by getting everyone off-sides and it worked to an extent, however he puts too much distance between himself and the goal.Champs vs Stars Episode 4 is full of fight.



Due to Aneesa’s injury, elimination is cancelled. However, the Blue Team still needs to award an MVP for the powerplay. Tori and Tony vote for Tori, while Wes votes for Casper because he believes Casper will do something dumb, and the Stars all vote Louise. The Champs are infuriated by Wes’ move, even though it would be a 3–4 vote regardless.

With the powerplay, Louise switches Tori  with Ashley. She does so because Ashley has been playing the best game on the Red Team, and now they can throw her in against them. Wes and Ashley who have been two of the best players in the game are now trapped by Louise, and Ashley is not happy about it whatsoever. She has a meltdown that will be picked up next week.