Do affiliate marketing and use AdSense to double your earning

Do affiliate marketing and use AdSense to double your earning

If you have your blog or website with premium domain name then must add AdSense to it and make double your earning and if you are having only free domain  then I suggest you to go for premium one and double your revenue.

Adding AdSense to your blog/website will give you some extra benefits .

Suppose if you are having free website and you are doing affiliate marketing then your income is only depends on  visitors if he/she  buy products from your promotional link then only.

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But in another case, if you are  using premium domain, then you are not only depends on your affiliate link because if Adsense is approved to your website then your earning become easy  because then you can earn from Google Ad .

But some people have question that is it legal to use both affiliate link and AdSense both to the website,The answer is Yes.

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How I Earn more than 50 Dollar A Day Only By Doing Affiliate Marketing

How I Earn more than 50 Dollar A Day Only By Doing Affiliate Marketing

I this article I am going to share my personal experience that How I Earn more than 50 Dollar A Day Only By Doing Affiliate Marketing .

Affiliate marketing is the best and easy way to earn unlimited money by doing promotion of the products . Anyone can do this from home ,the only thing you need is one computer and internet connection.

Now , the question is that how to start affiliate marketing, so anyone can start affiliate marketing by joining affiliate program of the companies who offering affiliate.

You can join affliate program on Flipkart, Amazon, clickbank and many more website available. But according to me Amazon is the best platform to join as an affiliate.

Now , if I talk about problem faced by beginners are as follows

How to promote

You can copy the affiliate link  of the products from your affliate account and share these affliate link on social media and your website to the targeted audience.

Very important point is targeted audience. What is targeted audience and how to find targeted audience for your product that you want to promote.

There are thousands of people available who purchase products through these link.

But, problem is that how to find these thousands of audience for your product. Below is the answer for every problem.

Suppose you have a website related to health or Facebook page for same and you want to promote products related to how to loose weight.

For that you have to find audience who having the problem of extra weight and want to loose.

Suppose you want to promote weight loosing machine through your website and social media accounts like facebook, twitter and others also.

If you going to promote through twitter, firstly you need to find people who having weight related problems.You can search for groups related to weight loosing tips, how to loose weight .

Now what you have to do is you have to join these groups , follow these groups and follow the peoples who following these groups.

So here the problem is solved because the peoples who following these groups  is the right audience for you and for your product because I am sure ninety percent of them are having weight related problem.

Follow the same strategy for your website’s and other social platforms and I am sure this strategy is definitely helps you .