Kangaroo joins a football match in Australia but turns out to be really bad at goalkeeping

Kangaroo joins a football match in Australia but turns out to be really bad at goalkeeping

As players passed a few balls to him standing near the goal post, the kangaroo cleared had zero skill to save but hoped around the entire ground not willing to leave even after being chased by a pick-up truck.

With the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018, it’s not just the fans of the sport from across the world that are gripped by the football fever. In fact, recently, in Canberra, Australia, a kangaroo tried to get some action on a soccer field by intruding a football match. But unfortunately, as it turns out, he seemed like he could use some practice because boy, was he bad at goalkeeping! As he decided to hop onto the football ground, interrupting a match between two local teams, this kangaroo’s special appearance went viral on the Internet.

Not simply the gamers and viewers, commentators too have been excited to see the brand new ‘playa’, clearly so, and mentioned how they by no means acquired to do a commentary on a kangaroo earlier than.

As gamers handed a couple of balls to him standing close to the aim publish, the novice appeared to haven’t very spectacular expertise to save lots of however was too eager to go away regardless of being chased by a pick-up truck.

Lastly, after being chased round for some time, he determined to retreat, in all probability after realising this was not his cup of tea to start with.

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