Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, dies at 89

Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, dies at 89

Joe Jackson has passed away at the age of 89 . He had been hospitalized with stage four pancreatic cancer

He was surrounded by his children, grandchildren and wife of 69 years Katherine

The patriarch of the Jackson family led his children to remarkable success in the music industry, particularly son Michael and daughter Janet

His death comes almost nine years to the day that his son Michael passed away on June 25, 2009, and Joe said he wanted to hold through Monday

Jackson himself had given verbal instructions making clear he did not want visitors or family members to see him or his medical records in his final weeks

He had attempted to forge a music career of his own and even tried at one point to become a professional boxer before putting together the Jackson 5 in the 60s.

Jackson was born in 1928 in Fountain Hill, Arkansas and was the eldest of five children.

He described his own father, a university professor, as a domineering and strict presence.

Jackson nurtured ambitions of being a boxer and later played guitar with a blues band, The Falcons, but failed to win a recording deal.

In 1949 he married Katherine Scruse, a former classmate from Washington High School in East Chicago, Indiana. She raised their children while Jackson worked at a local steel mill.

In 1957, they lost a child, Brandon, to stillbirth. He would have been Marlon's twin brother.

During the 1960s, Jackson took control of his sons' burgeoning musical efforts and the Jackson 5 was born, later signing to Motown records in 1967.

The Jackson 5 splintered as Michael's solo career took off and he distanced himself from his father's management.

Jackson focused instead on his daughter Janet, who went on to become a massive star.

Jackson reportedly carried on a decades long extra-marital affair with Cheryl Terrell, a secretary 20 years his junior. The pair had a daughter, his 11th child, Joh'Vonnie, who is now 43, but Jackson remained married to Katherine all along.

His death was confirmed on social media by some of his family, including his daughter La Toya Jackson and grandsons Taj and Randy Jackson.


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