Snowflake offers Microsoft Azure cloud computing

Snowflake offers Microsoft Azure cloud computing

Snowflake Computing Inc., a San Mateo-based company, announced the availability of its data warehousing platform on Microsoft Azure.

About snowflakes

Snowflake Computing is one of the first few companies to realize the potential of building a native, cloud-based data warehouse. Founded in 2012, this company exploited the capabilities of the cloud to design a SQL data warehouse from the ground up. Snowflake’s data platform turned all the knobs available in the cloud to extract the best performance. Within a short span, it started to pose a threat to traditional data warehousing companies.

According to varadrajan snowflakes and Azure deliver the scale and performance we need to enable modern data analytics so we can deliver our customers the product and consumer insights they need.We look forward to what’s on the horizon with Azure and Snowflake.

Snowflake is now bringing its cloud-ready data warehouse to Microsoft Azure. It mapped all the layers of its stack running on AWS to Azure.

The data warehousing platform uses Azure Storage and Blobs to store raw data. The unstructured and semi-structured data can also be ingested via Azure Data Lake.

The compute layer takes advantage of the beefy virtual machines on Azure that deliver the horsepower required for processing. Microsoft customers can use Power BI Desktop for visualizing the results from Snowflake.

Bob Muglia, Snowflake CEO, commented that Organisations continue to move their data analytics to the cloud at an increasing pace, with the cloud data warehouse at the core of their strategy.

Customer demand for an Azure-based data warehouse is also on the rise. We’re working with Microsoft to provide the performance, concurrency and flexibility that Azure customers require from a modern, cloud-built data warehouse.

Corporate Vice President for Azure Compute at Microsoft Corp., Corey Sanders added: “Migration of an enterprise data warehouse into the cloud is a key requirement for Azure customers.

We look forward to partnering with Snowflake to enable these data warehouse migrations for enterprise customers moving onto Microsoft Azure. We are pleased to welcome Snowflake to the Azure platform.

Using sound waves to make large objects invisible

Using sound waves to make large objects invisible

A team of researchers has discovered an acoustic technique to make objects invisible using sound waves. Their system of acoustic relays could potentially be used to hide large objects like submarines.

The scientists from Lausanne’s Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in association with the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Crete, devised a system of acoustic relays placed at strategic locations that enabled sound waves to propagate at constant amplitude regardless of what was in their path.

Typically, waves bounce and disperse when they meet any object. This causes the energy waves to scatter and become less intense as they move away from the object. It also makes transmitting data or energy using wave-scattering media almost impossible.

The new system allows sound waves to travel across such media without any distortion. It uses tiny speakers as acoustic relays to offset the wave scattering, and has been successfully tested on a real acoustic system.

They tested their system in a 3.5-metre-long air-filled tube and inside placed various obstacles, such as walls, porous materials and chicanes. They then placed their tiny speakers between the obstacles and set up electronic controls to adjust the speakers’ acoustic properties.

“Until now, we only needed to attenuate sound waves. But here we had to develop a new control mechanism so we could also amplify them, like how we can already amplify optical waves with lasers,” added EPFL co-author Etienne Rivet.

Their new method uses programmable circuits to control several speakers simultaneously and in real time. It is similar to that used in noise-cancelling headphones and could potentially be used for sounds containing common ambient frequencies.

It could also be used to eliminate the waves that bounce off objects like submarines, making them undetectable by sonar.

Best Ideas For YouTube Videos

Best Ideas For YouTube Videos

Making YouTube videos is one of the best ways to Make Money Online while doing things you love the most. To earn a decent income with YouTube, you must be able to get a lot of subscribers and viewers to your YouTube channel.
However, most people cannot think of good YouTube video ideas that can grab the attention of people.
Make Online Tutorial Videos
Online tutorials are gaining a lot of popularity since it enables you to learn things easily without referring books. Whether you are a teacher with knowledge of a particular subject or a marketing professional, a software programmer or SEO expert, you can create video tutorials of yourself teaching people what you know the best.
Prank videos
Prank videos can sometimes go really viral. Make a video of you playing a prank on your friend, colleague, sibling or your better half and record their reactions.
Travelling videos
Do you always have your bags packed for traveling? If the answer is yes, then you can make videos of your journey and upload it to YouTube. Be it journey by car, by train or on a bike, you could always record your experiences of the journey at regular intervals and create a YouTube video out of it.
Fitness Related Videos
Whether you are a dietitian, a gym instructor or aerobics expert, you can make a YouTube Channel which helps people to stay fit.
Depending on what you are good at, you can suggest various diet plans, workout techniques, and supplements that will help them stay fit.
 Cooking videos
If you can cook good food and have good presentation skills, you can surely earn good money by making Cooking Videos.
Unboxing  Products
When a new product is launched, these types of videos start popping up and catch audiences’ attention who are searching for the product to decide whether it’s worth buying for themselves. Product owners film themselves opening the boxed product for the first time to show its contents as it comes.
Viewers generally like to watch YouTubers play games as they give commentary, either to gain insight into how to play better for themselves or simply as a form of entertainment.
Make A Reaction Video
This is different from a response video, mind. Response videos are videos responding to other videos- reaction videos focus on a specific reaction to an event/video/whatever. If you’ve watched Fine Bros, you know what we mean.


T-Mobile, Sprint agree to merge

T-Mobile, Sprint agree to merge

Image result for T-Mobile, Sprint agree to merge

Sprint and T-Mobile announced on Sunday that they had reached a deal to merge, moving to create a new telecommunications giant — and betting that regulators will finally allow the American wireless market to shrink to just three national players.

T-Mobile and Sprint are combining in a deal that would create a bigger No. 3 cellular carrier in the U.S., but could also signal the end of an era of aggressive competition for customers.

The merger, in an all-stock deal announced Sunday after years of on-again-off-again courting, would create a company using the name T-Mobile. It would value Sprint at $59 billion and the combined companies at $146 billion, including debt. Excluding debt, the deal would value Sprint at about $26 billion.

Sprint and T-Mobile have tried unsuccessfully to merge before. They were effectively blocked four years ago by regulators in the Obama administration who worried that shrinking the market for wireless providers would give consumers fewer choices and lead to higher prices.

T-Mobile and Sprint say their merger, if approved by regulators, would mean lower customer prices, greater innovation, more jobs and better wireless service, especially in the rural U.S. They also tout the deal as a way to best position the companies to compete in the forthcoming 5G race for faster mobile Internet. But critics worry that the merger will curb competition and results in job losses.

Reliance Jio emerges as highest bidder for Reliance communication assets

Reliance Jio has emerged as the highest bidder for 3-4 of the five asset packages of Reliance Communications.Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd appears to have emerged as the highest bidder for most of the assets put on the block by the beleaguered Anil Ambani-promoted Reliance Communications Ltd , three people aware of the development said.

Reliance communications assets on the block include its real estate, fibre network, enterprise business, towers and spectrum.

Reliance Industries Ltd, Reliance Jio’s parent, is celebrating its 40th foundation day in Mumbai on Saturday, which also marks the beginning of a week-long celebration at the company as founder Dhirubhai Ambani’s birthday falls on 28 December.

Under the new plan, the company envisages raising Rs27,000 crore through sales of assets including spectrum, real estate and towers. It said that a further Rs7,000 crore will be reduced after lenders convert this into equity for a 51% stake.

Reliance communication has already sold its direct-to-home business Reliance Digital TV and announced optimization of its 2G and 3G wireless operations.

Reliance Jio is also said to be eyeing the telecom towers and optic fibre network of the cash-strapped phone services provider — assets that Canadian pension fund Brookfield, and a clutch of private equity firms have also shown interest in, said one of the sources.RCom has 850 Mhz spectrum in all 22 circles, 2100 Mhz spectrum in 13 circles and 900 Mhz in 2 circles.