biggest auto insurance companies in california

biggest auto insurance companies in california


StateFarm is the largest auto insurance company in California and probably the biggest in the United States.

The company had 14.4% market share in 2011. The company also offers antique and classic car insurance coverage quotes through their agents. For year 2011 company’s Justified Complaint Ratio was 1.6.


Allstate is the third largest auto insurance company in California. It had a market share of 6.7% in 2011. The company offers auto insurance all over the Golden State. Your Choice Auto is the most popular policy issued by Allstate.

Mercury Insurance Group

Mercury Insurance Group is the fourth largest California auto insurance company with a 6.5% market share. Mercury sells reasonably priced auto coverage.

The company had zero justified complaints in 2011, two in 2010, and just five justified complaints in 2009. Mercury’s justified complaint ratio is also the lowest amongst all California auto insurance companies.

Access Insurance Company

Access is a speciality auto insurer with 2% market share. The company offers cheap auto insurance for standard cars like Honda Accord as well as expensive cars like BMW 328i. The company sells through insurance agents.

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